Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Norris Trío: open your souls, hearts, and ears of course, to beautiful new jazz

I like to say it very loud, for me jazz is a musical playground, a lot of creativity is involved, but also the ability to keep it alive as a beautiful game, and my friends from the Norris Trío are a fantastic example from my theory.

A real pleasure to work with his founder Enrique Norris, on cornet, keyboards and percussion, Pablo Díaz on drums, and now Maximiliano Kirszner on acoustic bass, until some months ago Cristián Bórtoli was the band bassist, now the talented musician is back in his Santa Fe's home.

Jazz, free jazz, avant garde, just put those labels aside and enjoy the beauty of independent art.

Bandcamp is a great musical place where you can find some of the best music from the Norris Trío, just a few dollars for each one of the great recordings they made, and I hope to listen much more magical new music produced by these amazing artists in the near future.

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