Saturday, December 03, 2005

Kimberly Nichols: Cuando el arte no es suficiente / Kimberly Nichols: When art is not enough

Ella es escritora, artista, activista (creo que no puede volar, pero no estoy realmente seguro). Su colección de historia breves "Mad anatomy" ("Loca anatomía") fue publicada en el 2003, por Del Sol Press. Y en este momento ella debe estar pensando, o escribiendo, o pensando que escribir, en algún lugar del Desierto del Sur de California.
Pero, como no puede tomarse un minuto para respirar, ahora también hay un blog. Dios. ¡Qué chica!

She's a writer, artist, activist (I think she can't fly, but I'm not too sure). Her
collection of short stories "Mad anatomy" was published in 2003, by Del Sol Press. And right now she must be thinking, or writing, or thinking what to some place in the South California Desert.
But, because she can't take a minute to breath, now there's also a blog. God. What a girl!


knichols said...

I just ran into this blog post from you. How the hell are you? I am going to Liz Webster's tonight for her wrecks and rejects dusk till dawn's life?

euskir said...

Kimberley, I'm ok, this is and old post...I'd been following the development of your own blog, by the way, just a couple of minutes ago I was checking the last posts at my RSS reader.
Hope you enjoy the "Dusk 'till dawn pary". Best wishes, as always. Euskir, also known as Federico...