Saturday, December 24, 2005

Woody Shaw: siempre aquí / Woody Shaw: always here

Esta mañana, un e-mail en mi casilla, hizo mi día más feliz, el primer newsletter del Sitio Oficial de Woody Shaw.
Estoy feliz, porque esta gente esta haciendo un gran esfuerzo para mantener vivo el legado de Woody, y están realizando un gran trabajo.
Los aliento a visitar el Sitio Oficial de Woody Shaw, allí pueden dejar un mensaje en el libro de visitas, y solicitar el newsletter. Por supuesto, la información sobre Woody Shaw, está en todas partes en la página.
Disfruten la buena música, porque el arte de Woody estará con nosotros, no sólo hoy, cuando estamos recordando su cumpleaños número 61, por siempre.

This morning, an e-mail in my box, made my day a little happier, the first newsletter from the Woody Shaw Official Website.
I'm happy, because these people are doing a great effort to keep Woody's legacy alive, and they're doing a great job.
I encourage you to visit the Woody Shaw Official Website, there you can leave a message in the Guestbook, and sign for the newsletter. Of course, information about Woody Shaw, is everywhere at the website.
Enjoy good music, because Woody's art will be with us, not only today, when we're remembering his 61 st birhtday, forever.


SongLinh said...
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SongLinh said...

It's gratifying to see someone far away from home setting up a blog in appreciation of the work that has been done for Woody Shaw on the web. It's so nice to see the sharing of appreciation spreads. Hearts connect to hearts, even for a brief moment, through a common ground of appreciation for wonderful music from and by great jazz musicians, such as our forever beloved Woody Shaw. May this thread of connectivity continue to reach many more people around the globe, so that they, too, be blessed by the depth of wisdom from this man's great music.

euskir said...

Like I'd told to another person a couple of minutes ago, it's my pleasure. I love to spread the work from The Woody Shaw's Website, and the care they put to make Woody's music unforgettable. I hope everyone can reach the blessing of Woody's music legacy.