Thursday, April 13, 2006

La Segunda República Española (1931 – 1939): los buenos tiempos / The Second Spanish Republic (1931 – 1939): the good times

El viernes, abril catorce, recordaremos a la Segunda República Española (1931 - 1939). El comienzo de un sueño, asesinado por los fascistas.
Como un simple tributo, y con todo mi corazón, pondré la bandera de la Segunda República Española en la foto de mi perfil, por algunos días, para hacer pensar a las nuevas generaciones. Y no es un mensaje solamente para España, tal vez los fascistas ahora lucen inofensivos, pero debemos ser cuidadosos, son tan peligrosos como siempre.
¡Qué viva la República!

On friday, april fourteen, we'll remember the Second Spanish Republic (1931 – 1939). The start of a dream, killed by the fascists.
As a simple tribute, and with all my heart, I will put the flag of the Second Spanish Republic on my profile photo, for a couple of days, to make the new generations think. And it's not only a message for Spain, perhaps the fascists are looking harmless now, but we must be careful, they're dangerous as ever.
¡Qué viva la República! (Long life to the Republic!).


Charlotte Deaver said...

the fascists are not, unfortunately, looking harmless right now! in the US, we are closer and closer, if differently so. with the elimination of checks and balances, a core principle of the US Constitution, this US administration can do whatever it wants. and what it wants is to be a fascist dictatorship.

euskir said...

The danger is to underestimate our enemies. Right now we've got two clear examples: Bush in the USA and Berlusconi in Italy. And I see every day, in most of the "progressive" media, a trend to call these kind of people "crazy", or other not so subtle nicknames. They know exactly what they want to do. That's why I say, not even in our dreams we can believe they will help us in any way.