Thursday, August 18, 2016

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Liz Gilbert, a great artist and powerful creative force needs our help.
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Liz Gilbert, una gran artista y poderosa fuerza creativa necesita nuestra ayuda.
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Sunday, August 14, 2016


Ray Bradbury, "Dandelion Wine" (Doubleday, 1957)

This is the first of a collection of poetry and song lyrics I want to share, all of them were written by me, and of course I'm still trying to write new and mysterious things.
Some in English, some in Spanish, so no translations this time.
Everyone is invited, as usual...

Este es el primero de una colección de poesía y letras de canciones que quiero compartir, todos ellos fueron escritos por mi, y por supuesto aún intento escribir nuevas y misteriosas cosas.
Algunos en Inglés, algunos en Español, sin traducciones en esta ocasión.
Están todos invitados, como es habitual...


Summer knows?
Who knows?
Warm breeze, don't get in.
my heart is cold.

Cold as stone,
cold as a winter night,
as a little heart,
as an autumn leaf.
Stay away.

At least,
until spring.
will be here, I wish.
Blossoms out there,
wishing for you.

making a break,
follow the rhythm.
Time is still,
not you or me,
just time.

listen that sound.
It's wind?
It's a gentle sound,
calling for me.

Summer is here,
around the corner.
Crying for ice...creams,
a shadow under,
your favorite tree.
Summer, take care, of me.