Friday, September 21, 2007

Marian Fossati Quintet en el Museo Renault / Marian Fossati Quintet at the Renault Museum

La cantante Marian Fossati estará presentando canciones de su nuevo álbum, grabado con el talentoso Hilliard Greene (contrabajo), como músico invitado.
Jazz standards, Bossa Nova, y composiciones originales de Marian Fossati, en esta ocasión con una nueva banda, el Marian Fossati Quintet, con Alejandro Demogli en guitarra, Fernando Pugliese en piano, Fabián Martin en contrabajo y Tomás Babjaczuk en batería.
La cita, sábado 22, septiembre 2007, 22:00 hs., en el Museo Renault (Figueroa Alcorta Av. 3399, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires).
Buen jazz, y algo más...

The singer Marian Fossati will be presenting songs from her new album, recorded with the talented Hilliard Greene (acoustic bass), as guest musician.
Jazz standards, Bossa Nova, and original compositions from Marian Fossati, this time with a new band, el Marian Fossati Quintet, with Alejandro Demogli on guitar, Fernando Pugliese on piano, Fabián Martin on acoustic bass and Tomás Babjaczuk on drums.
The date, saturday 22, september 2007, 10 pm, at the Renault Museum (Figueroa Alcorta Av. 3399, Autonomic City of Buenos Aires).
Good jazz, and something more...

Marian Fossati Quintet en el Museo Renault / at the Renault Museum.
Marian Fossati: (voz / vocals).
Alejandro Demogli: guitarra / guitar.
Fernando Pugliese: piano.
Fabián Martin: contrabajo / acoustic bass.
Tomás Babjaczuk: batería / drums.

Sábado 22, septiembre 2007, 22:00 hs. / Sábado 22, september 2007, 10 pm.
Figueroa Alcorta Av. 3399, Autonomic City of Buenos Aires.
Reservas / Reservations: 4802 9626

Marian Fossati Management:
Lorena Iriarte


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many thanks for your kind comment. although my spanish is rudimentary, i'll try to keep an eye on your blog, as from jazz fan to jazz fan, across the world.


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