Saturday, June 01, 2013

Avant-garde jazz & visual arts: a very happy marriage

A mysterious and lovely "Ponor creature"

The marriages between different artistic forms are not always happy, even if the best artists are involved the outcome can be a disaster, since the beginning of times we can see many examples from those uncomfortable situations, but today I want to talk about the other side, when the marriage is pure happiness.

A series of videos from this year are showing the great work from some amazing artists from England, the fantastic free jazz musicians Nick Janczak (trumpet) and Phil White (drums), with the beautiful ideas from the visual artist Linda Palmer (aka Ponor).

In this brief article I want to share some of those videos, but also to talk a little about the creative independent spirit behind them, something we must enjoy, and support, in these days of ugly darkness in many artistic fields.

The partnership between Nick Janczak and Phil White is full of colors, straight warm lines, and sometimes obscure detours, with unique and refreshing sounds, and the art from Linda Palmer (aka Ponor), an artist who can paint, design an album cover, or create a marvellous world populated by her "Ponors creatures", is the perfect canvas for the music.

For The Positive Ghetto is a real pleasure to promote this new material, where music and visual arts can show us a path to make a little better the world we live in.

"We Are All Nomads"

"Machine Voodoo"

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