Monday, May 13, 2013

Good art must survive

Ghettos are linked to many stories, of life and death, comedy and tragedy, and even in the worst times, the sense of community is very alive in the ghetto.

Is more than clear than the enemy is outside, so the ghetto, as a big family, try to solve all the problems, big and small, always as a whole entity.

The Positive Ghetto is a worldwide project, very ambitious, as most projects, but knowing well we're facing hard times, so patience must be a main tool here.

I'm not the usual "music business guy", not even for the independent scene, because thanks to my great working experience I can reach cultural management areas beyond the activity as creative consultant for artists and cultural spaces, like press, public relations, festival and music venues, and also a good hand at online presence (websites, blogs, social networks), and many other art related matters coming from the open interchange of ideas between you and me.

Art is the key, from my side essentially music, but The Positive Ghetto is open to any independent artistic activity, from movies to literature, paintings to graphic design and photography, to be clear, all art forms are welcome, because we're always looking for a way to get people together, to find the energy in common ground, and to share our knowledge, in every artistic field.

No limits, no horizon, no selfishness, just one direction, because everyone at The Positive Ghetto knows one thing, good art must survive.

Federico Antin
Founder & CEO
The Positive Ghetto

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