Thursday, May 16, 2013

Liz Gilbert: an independent artist we must protect

If I’ve got to think in the best example of an independent artist I must say just one name: Liz Gilbert.

Since some time ago she’s facing very complicated issues, her health isn’t too well, and some financial troubles make the situation much worse, but even under those burdens she’s always thinking in ways to write new music, to record it, and to help other artists.

Liz Gilbert was born in Canada, but lives since ages ago in the United States, she's a talented singer and multi-instrumentalist, a very gifted composer, and if you don’t know her I’m inviting you to to do it, it will be the best investment for good music lovers.

From jazz to blues, rock, folk, contemporary music, there's no a single genre or style unknown for her.

I really wish to see Liz Gilbert coming back soon in top form, if The Positive Ghetto is alive is thanks to brilliant artists and beautiful human beings as her.

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