Monday, May 13, 2013

First steps

Somehow the first steps from The Positive Ghetto are the last steps from euskir music.
Do you know euskir music? Do you remember that project?

euskir music was an idea to give a good hand to independent musicians, music and cultural management without any charge for the musician, and in some cases a service for some music festivals and venues too.
The money to support it? From my own pocket, some coming from free lance jobs related to communications services, and sometimes coming from non profit organizations, as euskir music itself.
It was fine for a couple of years, but at some point it was impossible to keep it alive, some problem with an international festival was the last drop of poison to kill my beloved project.

The Positive Ghetto is aiming to the same direction, independent art, not only music, of course music will be the main interest, because is the field I know much better, but I think to open as many doors as possible.

There’s a basic difference, the way to sustain the project alive and kicking, without any problem.
For specific works, a charge, an arrangement with the artist or the person interested in my help, this is a non profit organization, I’m not pretending to take 50% of nobody’s profit, just a little help to keep the wheels rolling.
And the other option is to use the PayPal button you can see at right, if you love independent art, and specially if you know me, and my honest work to help artists from any country, genre, or style, add a contribution, small, middle, big, just as much as you can, I know these hard times are not easy for our wallets, but one coin here, another there, that will be enough.

My friends, well, you know me, and if you don’t, just ask someone who knows me, “good art must survive” isn’t just a catchy slogan, is a goal, and alone, I just can’t do it.

Federico Antin
Founder & CEO
The Positive Ghetto

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